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We support project holders who enable actors in industry and heavy-duty transport (aviation, maritime, etc.) to decarbonize their activities. Whether green hydrogen, carbon capture and utilization, or heat recovery, discover how to reduce your CO2 emissions while adding value to your industrial assets.

Green hydrogen
Water Electrolysis

We support the development of the green hydrogen production to provide supply raw material in the industry, decarbonize logistics or provide energy to processes. Elyse Energy supports the development, financing and operation of electrolysis facilities powered by electricity from renewable sources. It’s a reliable, green and competitive solution.
O 2
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Material utilization
Carbon capture and
heat recovery

We offer solutions to integrate hydrogen production with industrial assets: carbon capture and utilization, heat recovery, oxygen supply, infrastructure pooling. We believe the circular economy can improve energy efficiency and provide the raw materials and renewable fuels of tomorrow.
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