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Elyse Energy supports Protium Green Solutions

UK focused green hydrogen and fuel cell project developer PROTIUM GREEN SOLUTIONS has closed its thrid funding round, with support from ELYSE ENERGY, ELDERSTREET INVESTMENT Ltd and private investors. The funding will support an increase in internal resources and enable Protium to execute on its growing pipeline of green hydrogen projects.

Protium is a UK focused green hydrogen and fuel cell project developer, that works with industrial, manufacturing and public sector authorities in the UK to decarbonise energy in the hardest-to-abate sectors, notably industrial heat and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). To do this, Protium originates, designs, develops, builds, finances, owns and operates green hydrogen and renewable energy infrastructure assets, which it provides to clients as a service under long term offtake agreements, a structure called a HESCO™ (Hydrogen Energy Services Company).

Commenting on the funding round, Protium CEO & Founder Christopher Jackson said:

“The prospects of powering the UK economy with sun, wind and water are a step closer. Hydrogen is a key part of the UK’s toolkit in the fight against climate change, but essential work is needed to make sure that the UK is building green hydrogen capabilities today. Despite the unprecedented economic challenges facing the UK, the fight against climate change cannot be delayed and Protium is committed towards helping UK Plc to decarbonise, notably in the hardest-to-abate sectors of industrial heating and transportation.

Working with leading UK manufacturers, public sector authorities and members in the broader hydrogen and fuel cell community, Protium is strongly positioned to be the leading developer of green hydrogen infrastructure assets in the UK this decade.”

In addition to the funding, the company also confirmed the addition of Pascal Penicaud, CEO of Elyse Energy, to the Protium Board


About Protium:

Based in London and Operating since its launch in September 2019, Protium has rapidly expanded its presence in the UK hydrogen and fuel cell community. The company is engaged in a wide array of precommercial discussions in all corners of the UK, and has become a founding member of HyCymru alongside its membership of UKHFCA and SHFCA. Earlier in 2020 Protium also signed an MOU with leading fuel cell truck OEM Hyzon Motors to support the entry of additional fuel cell vehicle suppliers in the UK market and to accelerate the decarbonisation of the UK HGV sector.

About Elyse Energy:

Elyse Energy is a platform dedicated to supporting green hydrogen and electro-fuels projects in Europe. Elyse can be involved at every stage of a project : financing, design, development, construction, operation…. Thanks to its investment capacity and its team of experts of large-scale energy projects, Elyse Energy accelerates the transition to a more sustainable world.

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