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An industrial SME with a legacy of individual stories


Elyse Energy is a young company, founded in 2020, it is in continuity with the experience of its partners. Elyse Energy’s ambition is undiminished, i.e. to accompany the emergence of a new industry necessary for the energy transition, based on a simple task: to produce low-carbon molecules to reduce the carbon footprint of the most challenging sectors.


Through their experience, Elyse Energy’s partners are also convinced of the leading role of independent players, alongside large incumbents, in deploying the technologies necessary for carbon neutrality now, with agility and speed.



Benoît Decourt
Partner in charge of Products, Sustainability and Public Affairs
Benoît Decourt
Stéphane Guillard
Partner in charge of Finance
Stéphane Guillard
Ludovic Izoird
Partner in charge of Operations
Ludovic Izoird
Pascal Penicaud
Pascal Penicaud
Cédric de Saint-Jouan
Chairman of the Strategic Committee

Our partners


The partners of Elyse Energy share many commonalities :  un a long-standing commitment to the energy transition, knowledge of major energy projects, the belief that the need to abate carbon emissions gives France and Europe a unique opportunity for reindustrialisation. Through their experience, Elyse Energy’s partners are also convinced of the leading role of independent players, alongside large incumbents, in deploying the technologies necessary for carbon neutrality now, with agility and speed.


Each partner shares the vision of entrepreneurship with a mission, engaging and engaged. Transparency – with customers, public authorities and employees, trust in the collective, and strict operational implementation form the core of the company’s model.

October 2020


Creation of Elyse Energy


Elyse Energy is officially established on 1st October 2020 on the initiative of Pascal Pénicaud, who partners with Benoit Decourt and Stéphane Guillard. Two French offices are inaugurated in Lyon and Marseille. 

November 2020


Elyse Energy invests in Protium Green Solutions Limited (UK)


Elyse Energy takes a stake in Protium (UK) in December 2020. Protium is a British company that produces green hydrogen and supports its industrial customers in their carbon abatement strategy.  

February 2021


Elyse Energy invests in Liquid Wind AB (Sweden)


Elyse Energy invests in Swedish company Liquid Wind AB in February 2021. Liquid Wind AB is a European company that plays a pioneering role in the production of e-methanol for shipping operators.  

March 2021


Elyse Energy invests in ReGa Energy (Portugal)


Elyse Energy takes a stake in ReGa Energy in March 2021. Rega Energy is a Portuguese producer of green gas, biomethane and hydrogen for industrial customers.  

May 2021


Vol-V takes a stake in Elyse Energy


Vol-V, a French company specialising in renewable gas and electricity generation facilities (solar, wind, biomethane) takes a stake in Elyse Energy. Elyse Energy opens an office in Paris. 

December 2021


Opening of the Elyse Energy subsidiary in Spain


At the end of 2021, Elyse Energy opens its first international subsidiary in Spain, to develop low-carbon molecule production projects based on local renewable energy, in particular e-methanol. 

July 2022


Launch of the BioTJet project


Elyse Energy announces the development of the BioTJet industrial project to produce sustainable aviation fuels in partnership with IFP Energies nouvelles, Avril, Axens and BioNext 

December 2022


Acceleration in recruitment and opening of the Pau office 


Elyse Energy expands its teams. The number of Elyse Energy employees rises from 10 to more than forty in France and the Iberian Peninsula. Elyse also opens a new office in the Pyrénées-Atlantique department for its Lacq Basin projects. 

January 2023


Creation of the Elyse Energy subsidiary in Portugal


In January 2023, Elyse Energy officially opened its subsidiary in Portugal to continue developing its business on the Iberian Peninsula. 

A team commited
to projects


Elyse Energy relies on a team of experts in hydrogen technologies, thermos-catalytic processes, biomass and carbon capture, and specialists in the financing and development of major energy projects. Every recruit must be versatile and agile in order to contribute to our projects on a developing market.


Joining Elyse Energy means embarking on for a professional and human adventure marked by trust, independence and commitment to a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable society.



We develop, finance, build and operate low-carbon molecule production plants in France and in the iberian peninsula. Discover the application sectors of our products !

Elyse Energy produces low-carbon molecules such as e-methanol to support manufacturers in their decarbonisation strategies.
Elyse Energy wants to help the shipping sector reduce its carbon footprint by producing an alternative marine fuel: e-methanol.  
Air transport
With to its BioTJet project, Elyse Energy and its partners want to provide the airline industry with a sustainable fuel alternative: e-biokerosene.

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