Carbon capture and separation


Carbon capture and separation consist of recovering and purifying the CO2 emitted during industrial processes.

Elyse Energy uses these processes in its industrial programmes, CO2 being a critical feedstock for its sustainable fuels.

Carbon capture and separation

Carbon capture consists in recovering the CO2 emitted during industrial processes. Carbon capture has been commonplace in industry for decades, in particular to provide industrial companies with carbon (e.g., agri-food industry for the production of carbonated beverages, greenhouse growers) or for enhanced oil recovery. Several capture processes exist, depending on the nature of the flue gases to be treated (composition, temperature, pressure). These processes fall into three major categories: post-combustion, pre-combustion, and oxycombustion.


The major CO2 capture categories



Pre-combustion capture consists of capturing CO2 before fuel is combusted. To this end, the fuel is gasified to produce syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide (CO). In the presence of water vapour, CO reacts with water (H2O) to produce hydrogen and CO2. Concentrated CO2 is subsequently separated using a solvent.



Carbon is captured after combustion by scrubbing flue gases with a solvent.



Oxy-combustion consists of producing CO2 concentrated flue gases by burning fuel in the presence of pure oxygen instead of air. The high concentration of  COsubsequently facilitates the separation of  CO2 from water vapour with witch it is mixed.



We develop, finance, build and operate low-carbon molecule production plants in France and in the iberian peninsula. Discover the application sectors of our products !

Elyse Energy produces low-carbon molecules such as e-methanol to support manufacturers in their decarbonisation strategies.
Elyse Energy wants to help the shipping sector reduce its carbon footprint by producing an alternative marine fuel: e-methanol.  
Air transport
With to its BioTJet project, Elyse Energy and its partners want to provide the airline industry with a sustainable fuel alternative: e-biokerosene.

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