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Through low-carbon hydrogen production and carbon capture, Elyse Energy produces low-carbon molecules for chemical manufacturers, shipping operators and shipping lines. To produce these molecules, Elyse Energy relies on individually mature technological building blocks which have been proven in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. The integration of these building blocks within the same unit, and their flexible use, nevertheless poses a real technological challenge, where Elyse Energy’s core expertise lies.


Water electrolysis
Elyse Energy uses the water electrolysis process to produce its low-carbon molecules, in particular its low-carbon hydrogen.
Carbon capture and separation
Carbon capture and separation consist of recovering and purifying the CO2 emitted during industrial processes.
Methanolation is the chemical process used to synthesise methanol thanks to the reaction between hydrogen and CO2.
The Fischer-Tropsch process
The Fischer-Tropsch synthesis is an industrial process for producing synthetic fuels based on carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

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