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Elyse Energy  is a fast-growing industrial SME with a mission! We are always looking to expand our teams to support the progress of our projects


Joining Elyse Energy means making a daily contribution to the fight against climate change for a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable society. It also means embarking on a human and entrepreneurial journey that values transparency, trust, versatility, and commitment. 


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Our organisation and commitment


Commitment to the energy transition and entrepreneurial philosophy are two key markers disseminated across our entire organisation. Whatever your role in the team, the goal is collective and inclusive: to provide tangible, viable, local, safe, and innovative solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of our clients. For a young company on an emerging market, talent must go hand in hand with trust, autonomy, agility, and creativity. It also requires, due to the development time of our projects, a taste for long-term action that involves stamina and loyalty.


Implantée en France, en Espagne et au Portugal, Elyse Energy dispose de bureaux à Lyon, Marseille, Artix près de Lacq, Madrid et Lisbonne, ainsi qu’une représentation à Paris. Cette diversité évite l’écueil du « siège social » et permet aux équipes de choisir le bureau de leur choix et d’évoluer entre eux. Chez Elyse, pas de tout présentiel ou de tout télétravail obligatoire, nous respectons les préférences, les contraintes et les rythme de chacune et chacun. Simplement, nous nous assurons de toujours pouvoir se rendre sur nos projets ou chez nos partenaires, et valorisons les contacts en préservant des temps ensemble, au bureau ou ailleurs. Cette organisation flexible et asynchrone ne se décrète pas, mais s’organise pour être agréable et efficace, et se reflète dans la politique de documentation et nos outils internes.


Our recruitment process embodies our values and gives you an idea of what it is like to work within our teams. It consists of 5 steps, including 3 interviews, over a 2-week period on average :

  1. An initial interview to get to know each other
  2. A second interview to delve deeper into your technical skills and talk to the manager in charge.
  3. In the final interview, you will meet one of the partners of Elyse Energy to confirm that your mindset is a match for our corporate culture and how we achieve our mission.
  4. The request for referees (optional, on a case-by-case basis)
  5. The realisation of the offer

At Elyse Energy, we want to be as transparent as possible about our recruitment policy and our expectations. It is therefore important to us that each candidate is aware of the criteria under which they will be evaluated :


  1. Sharing a common interest in the energy transition
  2. Authenticity in our discussions
  3. Soft skills : agility, flexibility, ability to communicate, inquisitiveness, autonomy are required qualities in order to flourish within our company
  4. Fluent English, as English is Elyse Energy’s working language.

Joining Elyse Energy means embracing rapid change and contributing to developing our standards. Our operating rules evolve with our structure and we fully understand this may not be to everyone’s liking! We advocate a high degree transparency in all areas while avoiding systematic consensus.


We provide our employees with great freedom of action and movement. Everyone is free to organise their time remotely and face-to-face in our various offices. Our projects also require frequent travel that forms part of our daily lives. Each employee is therefore responsible for their own work/life balance, even if we are very mindful of this.

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