Our mission

Elyse Energy, an industrial SME with a mission



Founded in 2020, Elyse Energy is an independent French industrial SME, a pioneer in the production of low-carbon molecules.


With operations in France and on the Iberian Peninsula, Elyse Energy contributes to strengthening European energy independence.



Our objectives


Support carbon abatement in the economy 


Elyse Energy produces versatile low-carbon molecules to support the energy transition of three major sectors: industry, air transport and shipping. 


Contribute to energy sovereignty  


Elyse Energy strives for European energy independence by replacing fossil and imported fuels and feedstock with local, low-carbon production.


Breathe new life into industry


Elyse’s production units help relocate the production of fuel & feedstock to European industrial areas, while providing an outlet for the biogenic and unavoidable carbon emissions generated by industrial activities with part a circular, synergistic logic.  

Our model :
suppliers of
low-carbon solutions


Elyse Energy designs, develops, finances, builds and operates low-carbon molecule production units for a broad range of applications. Elyse Energy will operate its plants to sell its products.


To this end, Elyse Energy integrates and combines the most relevant technologies. It is primarily a project asset owner, who intends to master the key elements of its plants and production, from start to finish and over the long term. With an ongoing focus on industrial safety, Elyse Energy standardises its units to provide its customers with competitive solutions and support their growing needs.


Elyse Energy is proud of its independence. As we have seen with biomethane, wind power and solar PV, we are convinced of the important role of new players in successfully rolling out emerging industries. These players complement established companies and pave the way thanks to their agility and ability to act quickly.

Our mission is to help industrial companies, shipping operators and airlines reduce their GHG emissions, while striving for European energy sovereignty through local, competitive, and sustainable production. 


Our approach


Energy transition and the need to reduce carbon intensity


Climate science and the Paris agreements see eye to eye on the need to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial level. This objective implies two things: (1) to target carbon neutrality, therefore reduce the carbon emissions of all uses, even the hard-to-abate sectors; and (2) to act now, with solutions suited to the infrastructure in place. Aware of this dual requirement, Elyse Energy focuses on a critical lever: the production of low-carbon molecules.

The role of low-carbon molecules in the energy transition


Elyse Energy provides a solution that is already available to sectors that have no other choice than low-carbon molecules to reduce their GHG emissions: feedstock for chemical industry, fuel for containerised shipping or air transport, etc. We offer a solution when other options – energy efficiency, electrification, direct use of hydrogen – are inadequate or insufficient, based on merit order in the interests of sobriety and overall efficiency.

Circularity to minimise extraction and the environmental impact


There is no silver bullet. The production of low-carbon molecules, like any other economic activity, will have an impact on the environment during its life cycle. It involves the use of valuable resources: low-carbon electricity, industrial land, water. Aware of our impact, the Elyse Energy teams work every day to optimise the energy efficiency of our processes to fit into a circular and virtuous logic: closed cooling loop, waste heat recovery, heat integration, etc…

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