Methanolation is the chemical process used to synthesise methanol thanks to the reaction between hydrogen and CO2.



Methanolation consists of reacting a CO2 molecule with a hydrogen molecule to produce methanol (CH3OH). The difficulty lies in the nature of CO2, a very stable molecule. For this purpose, the most mature pathway is currently catalytic hydrogenation, carried out at high pressure and high temperature, in the presence of a catalyst often made up of copper and zinc oxide, to accelerate the reaction. The design of the process depends on the supplier (operating conditions, heat integration, number of distillation columns, etc.).




We develop, finance, build and operate low-carbon molecule production plants in France and in the iberian peninsula. Discover the application sectors of our products !

Elyse Energy helps the industry reduce its carbon footprint via CO2 capture and the production and sale of low-carbon methanol.
Elyse Energy wants to help the shipping sector reduce its carbon footprint by producing an alternative marine fuel: e-methanol.  
Air transport
With to its BioTJet project, Elyse Energy and its partners want to provide the airline industry with a sustainable fuel alternative: e-biokerosene.

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