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Shareholders from the fields of green gases and renewable electricity


Elyse relies on two reference shareholders with experience in the construction and operation of green molecule and electron production units: Falkor and Vol-V. 


Our shareholders, operational in the company’s everyday business, give Elyse the agility and independence it needs in this market phase, while guaranteeing the financial base to support the capital-intensive nature of its projects.




Pascal Pénicaud founded the FALKOR “family office” in 2019. FALKOR is an investment company dedicated to the transition of businesses and local authorities towards carbon neutrality. It combines the agility of an independent player with the industrial know-how of an expert in carbon abatement technologies. Its global approach allows it to invest at corporate level as well as project level.


FALKOR builds on the expertise of its teams, its network of experts and its shareholders. Committed to the energy transition for more than 15 years, its teams have accumulated more than 600 MW of renewable capacity developed and operated in France and abroad, representing an investment of more than €2 billion.

FALKOR meets the financing and support needs of businesses in these sectors and project initiators, through its mastery of large-scale energy projects “as a service”, its technological expertise and its financial capacity. We follow two separate methods: equity investments in businesses and/or direct investments in projects via project companies.


FALKOR’s ambition is also reflected in operational support for businesses to accelerate project implementation. This is why, on the initiative of its President Pascal Pénicaud, Elyse Energy was founded in 2020, with a view to helping industry and heavy mobility reduce their carbon intensity.



An independent company based in Montpellier, Vol-V is owned and managed by its three founders Cédric de Saint-Jouan, Arnaud Guyot and François Bouffard, who have been working together in renewable energy (wind, photovoltaic and biomethane) for more than twenty years.


In February 2019, the group sold its biomethane business and its 20 units (approximately 600,000 tonnes of feedstock) to Engie and, in October 2019, it sold its Vol-V Électricité Renouvelable subsidiary (Vol-V ER) and its wind and photovoltaic assets, for a total of 2 GW, to Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR).

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