The eM-Iberica project is a production programme of one million tonnes of e-Methanol in Spain and Portugal.


This e-methanol, produced from renewable hydrogen and recycled biogenic carbon, is primarily intended for shipping operators to replace their existing fossil fuels. The eM-Iberica programme includes the joint development of renewable, solar PV and wind power generation facilities.

Spain and Portugal,

new renewable energy hubs in Europe


Low-carbon molecule production projects have primarily emerged in Northern Europe based on hydroelectric, geothermal and wind resources. Rich in renewable resources, the Iberian Peninsula is nevertheless likely to become the other major European energy hub.  

A solar and wind-powered e-methanol programme

With a deeply ingrained European ambition, reflected by its investments in Portugal or Sweden, and the experience of its managers in renewable development, Elyse Energy has, since its inception, focused its development on two major areas: France and its nuclear power plants, and its renewable alter ego the Iberian Peninsula. A local team was set up in Madrid, and later in Lisbon, to develop e-molecule production projects. These projects include the production of green hydrogen by means of water electrolysis, carbon capture and the synthesis and distillation of methanol, as well as the development of renewable, solar PV and wind power capacity.

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