Elyse Energy has entrusted Equans France, through its ERAS entity, to assist in the management of two innovative sustainable fuel projects in France

Paris – 7 February 2023. An affiliate of Equans France, ERAS will help Elyse Energy design and build two e-biokerosene and e-methanol production plants, used respectively to contribute to reducing the carbon intensity of air transport on the one hand, and industry and shipping on the other.

COP 27, held in Charm El-Cheikh in November, stressed “the green shipping challenge”, calling for an upward review of the ambitions to reduce the carbon footprint of ever-growing maritime freight, which could reach 17% of global emissions by 2050. The same applies to air transport, the carbon footprint of which remains very high. An industrial SME created in 2020, Elyse Energy is a pioneer in the production of low-carbon fuel and wants to address the challenge of the transition towards sustainable industry and mobility. To do this, Elyse Energy is developing a portfolio of industrial low-carbon molecule production units (bio/e-kerosene for the carbon intensity reduction of air transport and electro-methanol for industry and the carbon intensity reduction of the shipping sector).


ERAS, an affiliate of Equans France, assists Elyse Energy from feasibility studies to the construction and commissioning of two sustainable fuel plants in France by 2026. ERAS engineers support ELYSE’s teams to structure the program, conduct preliminary design studies, and coordinate project implementation. ERAS and its partner NALDEO Technologies will also carry out specific engineering activities to optimise projects from the design stage. The consortium led by ERAS brings together a range of technological and industrial expertise to provide an overall, flexible and local solution at all stages of the projects.


As the use of low-carbon hydrogen is central to these 2 projects, ERAS and ELYSE ENERGY formalised their partnership at the Hyvolution exhibition, the event organised to accelerate the development of the low-carbon hydrogen industry in France.

 “ERAS is pleased to allow Elyse Energy’s innovative projects to turn a corner and switch to an industrial scale. Fully committed to Sustainable Engineering, our engineers design solutions in response to the challenges of the triple energy, industrial and digital transition. By supporting the design and construction of these future French plants, we are proud to take action and show the full potential of hydrogen as an accelerator of the carbon intensity reduction of our economy”, states Bertrand Martin-Monnier, CEO of ERAS, an affiliate of Equans France. 

“The production of sustainable alternative fuels is an imperative for combining carbon intensity reduction in industry with mobility and economic development. Elyse Energy is committed to this virtuous path and can rely on trusted partners to optimise the energy and industrial performance of our facilities”, points out Cédric de Saint-Jouan, Chairman of Elyse Energy’s Strategic Committee. 

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Elyse Energy has entrusted Equans France, through its ERAS entity, to assist in the management of two innovative sustainable fuel...

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