Elyse Energy and Teréga Solutions are joining forces to develop hydrogen, CO2 and O2 infrastructures in the Lacq Field (64)

Paris, 02 February 2023 – Elyse Energy and Teréga Solutions, a subsidiary of the Teréga group, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Thursday 2 February for the development of industrial synergies and an energy hub in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, around hydrogen and synthetic fuels. This partnership will take the form in particular of the development of a green hydrogen production unit and associated transport facilities to transport the various gases (H2, CO2 and O2).



At the Hyvolution 2023 exhibition, Elyse Energy and Teréga Solutions announced the signing of a partnership, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, to promote the development of low-carbon hydrogen and synthetic fuels in the Lacq Field.

On 2 February 2023, the two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to combine their expertise with a view to developing industrial synergies specifically around low-carbon hydrogen infrastructures, but also carbon dioxide and oxygen. In particular, these infrastructures will be used by Elyse Energy to manufacture its e-fuels.


Teréga Solutions and Elyse Energy kicked off this partnership with a feasibility study for the installation of a green hydrogen production unit using water electrolysis on the Mourenx site, as well as infrastructures for transporting the various gases, including a “hydrogen pipeline” to the Induslacq site. This study will subsequently determine whether both companies would benefit from extending their agreement to a joint structure that would manage the project’s development and operation phases based on low-carbon hydrogen.


This MOU is therefore a first step in the mutual commitment between the two companies to reducing the carbon intensity of the Lacq Field while giving regional players – both present and future – the opportunity to benefit from new services, particularly in terms of hydrogen production and distribution, for industry and local mobility, but also in terms of CO2 and O2 recovery. Their ambition is to encourage increased industrial synergy on local platforms, thereby enhancing the appeal of the territories.

“We are excited by the signing of this new partnership between Elyse Energy and Teréga Solutions. Bringing together our two activities is a strong signal of the importance of our low-carbon molecule and green hydrogen production activities, but also, more importantly, of the industrial appeal of the Lacq Field. We have always been extremely well accepted by local public and private stakeholders, and we are pleased to continue to strive for the development of economic and industrial synergies in the region”, states Pascal Pénicaud, President of Elyse Energy. 

Teréga Solutions is striving to develop a hydrogen hub in the Lacq region. This partnership with Elyse Energy is the tangible expression of our commitment to making the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region a virtuous focal point for the development and use of green gases. With this type of approach, the region will soon be the hallmark of fossil fuel alternatives”, adds Dominique Mockly, Chairman of Teréga Solutions.  

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Elyse Energy and Teréga Solutions are joining forces to develop hydrogen, CO2 and O2 infrastructures in the Lacq Field (64)

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