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A team dedicated to your decarbonisation strategy


Etienne Agabriel
BioTJet Project Manager
Constance Anton-Mobuchon
Communication and Public Affairs Manager
Manuel Arbona-Vidal
Director of Development
Mathias Bacheley
Sales Manager France
Mélissa Chevalier Ressicaud
Development Director of the e-Methanol programme in France
Olivier Colin
Carbon Capture & Methanolation Project Manager for e-methanol projects
Céline Costecalde
SAF Lead Engineer
Benoît Decourt
Partner in charge of Products, Sustainability and Public Affairs
Pierre-Louis Delon
Head of Hydrogen Division at Vol-V
Freddy Durán Martinez, Ph.D.
Scientific Director
Khalil El Quortobi
eM-France Development Project Manager
Christophe Garot
Methanol Lead Engineer
Alexandre Garnier
Biokerosene development project manager
José María de Gregorio
Project Manager Spain
Stéphane Guillard
Partner in charge of Finance
Jérôme Guyot
Biomass Supply Project Manager
Adrien Hallé
Environment and Sustainability Manager
Mathieu Hoyer
Director of Business Development and Biokerosene Projects
Ludovic Izoird
Partner in charge of Operations
Mélanie Jaspart
CCU Design Engineer
François Lacouture
Lead Process
Amélie Neaud
Head of Human Resources 
Garance Patrigeon
HR and Legal Affairs Manager
Pascal Pénicaud
Axelle Pichon de Bury
Supply chain project manager
Carlos del Prestamo
Project Manager Spain and Portugal
David Raminhos
Project Manager Portugal
Lucas Richard
Industrial Risks & Environment Design Engineer
Antonio Jesús Rodríguez Garrido
Cédric de Saint-Jouan
Chairman of the Strategic Committee
Ulysse Torrin
Project manager Spain
Maxime Vigot
Business Development Project Manager

Our latest news


Elyse Energy announces the opening of an e-methanol plant on the Roches-Roussillon chemical hub

Elyse Energy signs e-fuels financing deal with Hy24 and Mirova

Mélissa Chevalier Ressicaud joins Elyse Energy to developp e-methanol projects.

Ludovic Izoird joins Elyse Energy’s funding round and becomes partner in charge of operations

KHIMOD and Elyse Energy partner to produce sustainable fuels for air transport through the AVEBIO collaborative project

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