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Low-carbon solutions for industry, shipping and air transport 



Founded in 2020, Elyse Energy is an independent French industrial SME pioneering the production of low-carbon molecules.


Drawing upon green hydrogen production and CO2 capture, Elyse Energy produces e-methanol and sustainable aviation fuel locally for its customers:


industrial companies, shipping operators and airlines.




We design, develop, finance, build and operate low-carbon molecule production plants in France and the Iberian Peninsula. Find out about our projects! 

France’s first advanced e-biokerosene industrial unit, enriched with low-carbon hydrogen, in partnership with Avril, Axens, BioNext and IFP Energies Nouvelles.
Production of 500,000 tonnes of e-methanol per year on 4 chemical platforms to recycle carbon and provide the chemical and shipping sectors with a carbon abatement solution.
Production of 1 million tonnes of e-methanol per year from renewable electricity and recycled carbon on 7 production sites in Spain and Portugal.
R&D project that explores the conversion of CO2 into synthetic kerosene in partnership with greentech company Khimod.

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Elyse Energy leverages carbon capture technologies and the production of green hydrogen by means of water electrolysis to locally produce synthetic molecules from low-carbon electricity. These molecules, sometimes referred to as e-fuels for their transport use, replace chemical inputs and conventional, fossil and imported fuels to provide a sustainable solution suited to the existing infrastructure. 


Sustainable aviation fuel 

Low-carbon hydrogen 

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Elyse Energy announces the opening of an e-methanol plant on the Roches-Roussillon chemical hub

Elyse Energy signs e-fuels financing deal with Hy24 and Mirova

Mélissa Chevalier Ressicaud joins Elyse Energy to developp e-methanol projects.

Ludovic Izoird joins Elyse Energy’s funding round and becomes partner in charge of operations

KHIMOD and Elyse Energy partner to produce sustainable fuels for air transport through the AVEBIO collaborative project

Elyse strives for European energy and industrial sovereignty by helping relocate the production of fossil and imported fuels and feedstock 


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